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5 Common Laptop Issues and their Fixes

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No Matter how delicately and gently you handle your laptop but there are high chances that you would eventually end up with some sort of trouble with your laptop. Moreover, laptops are extensively used in small to large corporations and nearly all offices that we could think of, so there is always a never-ending demand for fixes and solutions for all sorts of troubles related to laptops.

We have prepared a list of common laptop issues with their fixes and solutions which would be surely beneficial, time-saving as well as money-saving for you. Let’s have a detailed look at the following points:


1. Loud Fan or Heating of the Laptop

Usually, due to its mobility function, laptops are always carried from here and there and this results in foreign particles and dust in their cooling fans which results in loud fan hissing sounds and sometimes overheating of the laptop. For this, you should always use your laptop on hard and flat surfaces. You should always make a habit of cleaning the air vents by a smooth cotton cloth regularly. Moreover, to make sure that your laptop doesn’t overheat, you should clear temporary files on a result basis which would reduce the unnecessary load from your laptop.


2. Early Battery Draining Issues

Usually, the battery of the laptop functions smoothly for at least 4-5 years. But If you notice battery drainage issues during the early years, then for sure it needs some sort of fix. However, there is no such home remedy that you can perform to enhance the battery of your laptop. For that, you will have to reach The Best Laptop Repair Shop in Nagpur or nearby.


3. Viruses and Malwares from External Sources 

It is very important to have a licensed Antivirus installed in your laptop for the smooth and safe functioning of your laptop. Moreover, some viruses are so harmful that they can corrupt important data in your laptop like images, audio files, video files, and so on. There are a few good antiviruses for laptops like Norton, Kaspersky, etc. You can easily get it installed at a Laptop Repair Shop in Nagpur or nearby areas.


4. Black Screen on your Laptop

This problem is visible when you open your laptop, on it, and then hear it running but you can’t see anything on the screen. The most obvious and common reasons for it could be accidental damage to your laptop while carrying or keeping. A fix for it could be plugging off the power cord and then again plugging it on and then again rebooting or restarting your laptop. If the problem persists, then you should rush to the nearby laptop repair service in Nagpur for a permanent and strong fix for the same.


5. No Internet and Connectivity Issues

Sometimes, you might not be able to connect your laptop to a WiFi network and this is one of the most common issues that most of the laptop users find. This is a connectivity issue and If this persists for a longer time, then it can lead to some equipment failure too. For this issue, you can try by rebuilding your network from scratch. For this, you will have to deactivate or remove all current networks which are recognized by your laptop.


These are a few easy steps and tricks which you can use to fix your laptop issues and problems. If you still need any additional support or help regarding any issue related to your laptop, then feel free to reach us at 9923023065 or you can also visit us at and explore what GurooG Mobile Repair has to offer!

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