iPhone Security: 5 Ways to enhance Face ID more secure

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No matter, Face Id is highly secured and used to unlock your iPhone, download apps, etc. Touch IDs are now replaced by Facial Recognition Softwares, but do we need to question whether this Facial ID Recognition technique is safe or not?

Now, the question is why would someone be worried about Face ID security? Well, it is pretty clear that in this tech-based era where there have been cases reported about fooling and tracking people for maybe their data or privacy or stealing something which might be very important to them. Moreover, we can’t deny the fact that Face Id is probably the quickest method of unlocking the phone without any hassle.

It’s always a good option to increase your iPhone security and for that, we have made a list of tricks which you can use to increase your Face ID more secure, Let’s have a look at those following steps:

1.Disabling Apple Pay Authentications

You should always make sure that you have disabled autopay authentications which means that payments could be authorized based on Face Id. No matter how safe Apply pay is and we do not doubt it, but still we would disable it for better safety and security reasons.

This might require you to authorize payments manually which will take more time, but in this way, you can always keep yourself worry-free. You can do this by going to the Face ID and passcode in the Settings menu where you can untick or uncheck the Apple Pay icon there.

2. Recreate a Strong and a Better Passcode and keep changing it from time to time

You can always do this by going to the Custom Numeric Code or Custom Alphanumeric Code in the Passcode Options. The other way of doing the same is to go Face ID and Passcode Option in the Settings Menu where you can click on Change Passcode.

3. Activate the option of Find My iPhone in your Mobile

Well, this feature usually comes with other brands like Redmi too where you can track your device and that too remotely. This is probably the best way to recover your lost mobile in case it is lost or stolen. To activate and utilize this feature on the iPhone you need to go to iCloud.com. When you put your device to the Lost Mode, then basically no one would be able to unlock your iPhone with a Face ID.

4. Enabling Require Attention in your iPhone

This is one of the best features in the iPhone where True Depth camera will provide an additional level of security by verifying that you are looking at the iPhone before unlocking. In this case, sunglasses may even block attention detention.

This can be extremely useful in cases where someone steals your iPhone and then points at you for unlocking through Face ID or If someone forceful asks you to unlock it through Face ID.

5. Temporary Disabling the Face ID

Apart from the Lost Mode on the iPhone, this is another method that you can use to temporarily disable the Face ID. This can be done by the Power Button and then you will see the screen to turn your phone off. When you do the same, your passcode will be required when you restart your iPhone.

Well, these above-mentioned tricks would surely make your iPhone super secured from all unwanted scams and troubles.

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