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Mobile Repair

When you have GurooG Mobile Repair with you, then just Don’t freak out if your Mobile’s Camera is damaged or you don’t need to worry when you accidentally drop your phone into the water. From Sound related issues to battery drainage issues, our in-house team is capable and skilled enough to handle all those tedious repairs which others might fail to fix.

  1. Chip level repair
  2. Liquid damage repair
  3. Accidental damage repair
  4. Screen replacement
  5. Digitizer replacement
  6. Battery replacement
  7. Body replacement
  8. Camera replacement
  9. Charging port repair/ replacement
  10. Mic repair/ replacement
  11. Speaker repair/ replacement
  12. Volume key button repair/ replacement
  13. Backglass replacement
  14. Headphone socket repair
  15. Software upgrade and repair
  16. Power button repair/replace
  17. Silent button repair
  18. Back camera replacement
  19. Front camera replacement
  20. Vibration repair
  21. Data Recovery
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