Tablet Repair Shop in Nagpur

Tablet Repair

We know how bad it feels when you bring tablets for your children but they damage it within a few days and you get frustrated. Now you need not worry since our team of technicians is available to take care of your gadgets in a moment of time and deliver that gadget fully functional in the same condition as it was before, sometimes even better. Moreover, GurooGs‘ 60 days assured service warranty program will make you tense free and you can again use your  Tablets merrily.

Tablet Repair:

  1. Glass replacement
  2. Display replacement
  3. Digitizer replacement
  4. Battery replacement
  5. Tablet software update/repair
  6. Tablet charging port repair/replacement
  7. Chip-level motherboard repair
  8. Speaker repair
  9. Mic repair
  10. Earphone repair
  11. Volume button repair
  12. Data Recovery
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