Top 7 Most Common iPhone Problems and their Fixes

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Nowadays, the iPhone is no more like a rare and costly acquisition. It has become one of the most popular and highest selling phones in the world. And due to this reason, the demand for iPhone repairs has increased a lot in the past few years.

Let’s have a detailed look at the most common iPhone problems and their fixes:

1. WiFi is not getting Connected

This is one of the most common issues which is frequently experienced by iPhone users. The solution to this issue is pretty simple and easy. You just need to press and hold the home button along with the lock button on your iPhone and then you would be able to see the Apple logo on the screen. Then, the phone will restart on its own and then you should be able to fix this issue.

2. Cracked Screen

This is like a nightmare for iPhone users, Haha. You can’t just wander here and there along with a crack screen for a long time else your iPhone may stop working. The best option is to get it cleared under the warranty replacement option but if your iPhone is not under the warranty duration, then you should opt for a reliable iPhone repair center in Nagpur or nearby your city.

3. Accidental Damage or Non Functionality of your iPhone due to water

It’s very common and each one of us must have experienced this issue once in their lifetime. Usually due to water-related accidental damage to the iPhone, one might think of weird solutions but you should never opt for any one of these without having proper knowledge of the same, else it can worsen the situation too. The best remedy would be to soak all the excess of water using a tissue paper and then keep your iPhone in a vessel or container containing rice in it. Rice is an excellent absorber of moisture. Even if your phone still doesn’t work, then get to the nearest iPhone repair center as soon as possible.

4. iPhone Touchscreen Issues

Usually, this issue occurs when you either hit your phone hard accidentally or intentionally. In some cases, it might be just a temporary issue, which could be resolved by just rebooting or restarting the device. If there’s a crack on the screen, then this technique will not work, you will have to rush to an iPhone repair stone nearby.

5. Hissing sound in iPhone

This is usually the most common issue in iPhone 7 where many iPhone users have experienced a hissing sound on the phone’s back surface. Moreover, this hissing sound gets louder when a heavy app or game is being used. There is no such fix currently for the same, but you can always get your iPhone replaced if it’s still in the warranty period.

6. Activation issue in iPhone 7

There are many complaints about activation related troubles in iPhone 7 where you get a message about the activation server being unavailable. The best possible fixes include using cellular data and then switching on to the WiFi option, making sure that iPhone tunes are up to date, trying by turning your iPhone off and on again, etc. If still nothing works, then the best solution would be to contact the nearest iPhone repair center.

7. Poor iPhone Battery

There are numerous complaints about poor battery life and battery drainage issues in iPhones. Although these issues are also observed in other mobile brands in the iPhone it is seen as a specific and particular issue. The best solutions to this issue would be updating to the latest iOS version, turning Low Power Mode on, removing unwanted apps from the iPhone, turning off the option of background running apps, and so on.

Apart from all these issues, If you are facing any issue with your iPhone and then feel free to reach us at 9923023065 or you can also visit us at for more details. We would love to fix it for you and that too Hassle-Free with a free pick up and drop facility!

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